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Un tuit de John Hagel me pone sobre la pista de este artículo “Our obsession with personal branding reveals a dark truth about the future of work”, mostrando algunos claroscuros sobre el concepto y el valor que aporta: The self as business is a metaphor that people developed to think through how they can operate in a space which is completely defined by market logics. (…) Visualizing oneself as a brand also makes worker solidarity more difficult. Brands compete with each other; they don’t come together to demand higher pay, or decent health care, or reasonable hours. When people think of themselves as brands, they are speaking the language of reputation, appearance, and marketing. It’s hard to switch from that to a discussion of moral responsibility. Y propone un planteamiento distinto, cercano a lo artesanal: Maybe instead of thinking about people as property or businesses, we could think of people as craftsman. And that way, people in the same kind of work could see themselves as facing the same structural issues. Reconozco que he tenido una relación amor-odio con el concepto de “marca personal”. Quizá porque me chirría esa visión demasiado centrada en lo individual. Y entiendo perfectamente que buena […]

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